Friday, September 25, 2015

Sept 25 B'Sue Boutiques Creative Group Blog Hop!

Excited to participate in my first blog hop! Hopefully you will like my pictures of my September Challenge piece!

I had already decided which piece I was going to use of the 4 choices available. I really don't wear bracelets much anymore, so while that is the common use for this stamping, I knew I wasn't going to do that. So here it is after I cut it in half:
cut and filed


After going through my Vintage stash, I really like blue, so colored the piece silver w/ my Swellegent and was going to attach this vintage piece.
After figuring out I didn't have any beads the blue color, I decided to switch back to the one I had originally thought to use. Mostly because of the background color of the vintage piece, but also I liked neutral colors of it better.
Clipped off the bail on top and the loop on the bottom with the little dangles too. Now it was what I wanted.

I had also decided to reduce the size of the piece and cut the very center of the filigree out, as well as just the outer half circles. I colored with the bronze Swellegant, buffed back, and glued the half circle pieces to the base. Once dry, I added a rivet there to hold them all together.

Then I glued the focal onto the stamping.

Sealed it all with the Swellegant matte sealer. I didn't want to seal the part under the focal until after I had glued it to be sure it would hold well.

I bought some fringe from the craft store that had the perfect "beads" I had envisioned for this piece. I used them with Crystal Copper Swarovski beads and antique brass rolo chain to make the dangles.

I felt they matched really well with the focal and the overall "Vintage Boho" feel I was going for.

And just when I thought I had it figured out and only the neck treatment left, I decided to add one more vintage piece at the top to close the gap. Just didn't like the aesthetic look of it. But I do now.

Debated for while about the neck treatment.  Chain? Leather? Both? Or beads? Hmmmm, this took me awhile to decide. If I did more than one, I felt it would be too "heavy" for how small the overall piece is.  And I had ordered some beads for this purpose, but they were sent to someone else in error from the vendor (not B'Sue).


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  1. Very pretty. I'm sorry you didn't get the order as you should have. I hate it when something I've ordered is wrong or I don't get it in time. What you came up with without them is stunning. I would ask for a

  2. Well done Karen! Love the earthy colors of your necklace ;)

  3. Karen, my goodness…we've been buddies for a good while now. I have watched you grow so much as an artist. Your prior work is beautiful, reminds me of fine jewelry, but now I'm seeing this totally different side of you! Well done on both camps. I love watching your creative explosion! This piece came out amazing. When you added the top part, it took on new life. Very, very nice!

  4. thanks Susan! I love the Creative Group and has made me stretch my wings, quite a bit!

  5. Love what you did! I enjoyed reading your process and that blue one will be lovely too!! Ingrid

  6. Wow! Totally changed that piece. I love your finished product.

  7. I'm going to say it again, I Love how many ways there are to use the same piece! That you saw what you needed in the very center is wonderfully creative and I really enjoyed seeing your process!

  8. What an excellent piece, Karen! So Boho, trendy and now! Perfect for today's fashions and a cool nod to the past. Thanks for being part of the hop, you did a thoughtful job and it paid off!

    1. Thanks so much Brenda! Means a lot coming from you!

  9. Karen, this is a keeper. The fall colors, bead choices, overall design and use of components...perfect.

  10. Love your design very good use of that stamping.

  11. Your creativity flew on this one Karen. Great job.

  12. Wow! I love how you found a stamping in a stamping in a stamping!LOL! Great job! Lesson learned to keep trying new things and always try to look at things from a new perspective. :)

  13. Love the design Karen .. south western to me and I love that look .. Great job

  14. That was wizard to add the top piece--it looks so great with the 2 curving out pieces. Really like the different neutrals that all go together from entirely different things! Well done! :):)

  15. Yes!!! Boho Vintage, with a bit of Art Deco! Your design is very well thought out - the additional piece at the top makes it stunning! Wow, I adore this!!!

  16. Karen, this really turned out beautifully! I'm glad you changed direction... this one is so pretty in the neutral colors.

  17. Thank you all for your kind words! Means a lot from such talent!

  18. Your necklace turned out really pretty, Karen! I like how you showed the process from start to finish. I've never noticed the circle in that stamping, amazing how you used that. I need to cut more things up! Great job!

  19. Very pretty, Karen! You definitely kept it balanced!
    Catherine S. ������

  20. Karen--you're necklace is really well done. I would not have realized what piece you started with, because of how you changed it up. Nice job!

  21. You nailed it! Vintage Boho and oh so very well done! I hope you do more blog hops. You did great with this one!

  22. This is very pretty. This style is popular now. Great job.

  23. You have such a good eye being able to pick out the shapes from the stamping and make such a cool piece of jewellery. You really changed it up!

  24. Beautiful, Karen .... I love the design, and the earthy beauty of the necklace .... wonderful job! ;)