Saturday, August 8, 2015


So, for some strange reason, I'm sure a lot of us can relate to, my acquired bits and pieces, tools, basic jewelry making necessities, etc.... frequently feel like they are taking over my space, and rightfully so! I have pictures of all my tools, I have a separate (bathroom!) space for my soldering/torching, and my desk/workspace, well, yes, it's a DREAM to be able to see the top! I'm convinced that will not happen for a very long time. My brain is constantly abuzz with ideas~and strangely sometimes I even "challenge" myself to make something out of all the left out bits that are right in front of me! But, alas, when I spend more time SEARCHING, either on the desk, or in the magic drawer for the right jump ring, length of ear wire, etc... than it takes to actually create something when all parts are located, it is time to get down to business and get a bit of organizing done. And that's what happened today. Actually the majority of the afternoon! Especially after opening an Etsy shop, I am realizing time is money! And choose to NOT spend that time HUNTING!! SO, as some have already seen, my progress today. The before picture is scary because one place I order things from, and sometimes 10 of that particular thing, come in separate little baggies, but all in a LARGER one, that, invariably, gets thrown into the drawer, taking up valuable space in the process. So today was spent "undoing" that special packaging, and downsizing to more manageable and practical organized containers.  Great find at Hobby Lobby on the packs of 12 little jars w/ clear lids (regularly $10.99, were 50% off this week) and the plastic little baskets to hold everything were reasonably priced too. Decided for ME, it was better to make 2 layers of the baskets that would stack, and hold like kinds of things. The large basket under the one you can see holds my "ending" items~lobster clasps, crimp tubes/bead tips, jewelry tag, etc....The top one holds jump rings, and the other "top" layer basket holds all the various head/eye pins. I opted to keep these in their original bags, not so much bc of the length of them, but of the different wire gauges that would just be a jumbled mess otherwise. Probably not optimum, but I think it will do the job. Other baskets in the back part of the drawer hold 1) all gold "filler" beads, 2) all silver "filler" beads 3)bead caps used the most 4) bails and my new little cell phone plugs that just arrived from China.

So without further ado, I present the (embarrassing) before and after pictures of my drawer!
I would love to see how others organize their supplies! Feel free to share!


  1. Oh my goodness, the hours we have spent "in search of," then "organizing," then "reorganizing," then "searching again." Alas, such is the life of one who makes jewelry! Good job!

  2. Good Job, but I have learned when buying storage buy big the first time around. You are going to out grow your storage in about a month, sorry Its our life, lmbo, at least you are trying. Right now it looks Fabulous!!!

  3. It is absolutely amazing to me how much can be accumulated in such a short time. I agree with both Gloria and Susan.Unless I keep one day a weekto put everything back where it belongs I would go crazy, partly OCD and partly just me,hating to play the hunting game too. It Looks great!!!

  4. What a feeling of accomplishment!

  5. Great job! I'm trying to organise my supplies too. It's a work in progress!