Monday, August 3, 2015

New website-NOT for the faint of heart!!

SO not being a coding person, I have gotten a new domain with my Etsy shop name, and created a new website. I previously used Homestead for my hosting, and found out recently that if I change templates, it would wipe out all my hard work! YACK! NOT COOL!! So I purchased a new domain, and decided to give them a shot at the hosting too. Yep, decided to keep both at Netfirms. After a learning curve today, walking away for awhile, and coming back later, the new website is live and, except for not having any gallery pics for the Holiday section yet, it's going reasonably well.  Please feel free to check it out at!! Nothing much else was accomplished today, but hopefully with it rolling I'll get time to get back to the beads!

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